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What do our clients say about us?

I will be forever grateful to my friend who put me in touch with Ralph of Blue Dot Computers 11 years ago!

We had just moved to Naples and needed help setting up my computer and printer. Since that time we have connected 2 or 3 new computers, dealt with a crashed hard disk and moved to an iMac from a PC, new printers, new scanners, plus all the problems encountered with basic malfunctions. Ralph is patient, he is kind, he is prompt in replying to my urgent calls, and he always knows what to do to fix the problem. This is a phone number I never want to lose! Each time I tell Ralph that he saved my life - he replies "there is only one savior". I am forced to agree and say, "OK, maybe you didn't actually save my life, but you certainly made it much easier.


Diane Shaheen

Naples, FL

Ralph has never met a computer problem he

couldn't solve. If he can't solve it immediately,

he keeps working at it until he does. He provides

prompt and excellent computer solutions at a

reasonable cost. He's helped make our life in

Florida a lot pleasanter!


Skip Coggin

Naples, FL

I highly recommend Ralph as a "Teacher" in

learning everything there is to know about operating and maintaining a computer. He has never backed off in solving any problem I have ever had when I needed his help. He has been prompt, efficient, and thorough in explaining anything I have presented him with. This has expanded and improved my knowledge to a point which has made the computer a very important part of my life. Don't let him get away!!!


Karl W. Poorbaugh

Naples, FL

During the 6 years I have worked with Ralph at Blue Dot Computers, I have found him always to be prompt, responsive, and effective in solving a variety of computer problems that have occurred.

I would highly recommend him to everyone.


Doug Esson

Naples, FL

Over the years I have found Blue Dot Computers to be very knowledgeable, prompt and professional.


Nina Hart

Naples, FL