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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Blue Dot Computers' web site!


Your Privacy is very important to us. Therefore, our Privacy Policy does not read like a lengthy legal contract. Instead, it's very simple.


You can rest assured that we will never gather any personal information from you, ever, without your consent.

Furthermore, any information which you give to us willingly, such as name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or any information at all,

will never be sold to anyone, nor will we disclose this information with anyone for any purpose. Any such information you give to us, will solely

be used for the purpose of providing you with any information which you have requested.


The only information which is gathered with or without your knowledge is generic information such as your internet server's provider IPaddress,

the date and time of pages or content which you have accessed on our site. This information also is not shared with anyone, and is used solely

as a means to gage the amount of traffic to our site, and the content which is found to be of most value to our customers.


The reason for gathering such information is so that we may better  provide you with the content you desire on our web site.


Should you have any concerns or comments about our privacy statement, please feel free to email us with your questions or comments.


Thank You,


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